When you have big pores on your face, it makes it easier to get them clogged with oil and dirt. This in turn leads to acne breakouts. To reduce your pores naturally, try one of the following methods.

Use Ice on Your Skin

This might be one of the less common remedies for reducing your pores, and is as natural as can be. If you have ice in your freezer, it can be used to reduce your pores. The reason is because the ice will help to tighten your skin, so it starts naturally shrinking your pores at the same time. You will feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. Ice directly on the skin might burn a bit, so you can wrap it in a thin cloth if you prefer. Rub it against your skin for just a few seconds. If you prefer, you can simply rinse your face with cold water in the morning.

Try Making a Yogurt Mask

Plain yogurt has a lot of uses for beauty, including turning it into a face mask that can help reduce your pores. Yogurt has a lot of healthy bacteria and probiotics which are great for your skin, while also helping to reduce your pores. For a yogurt mask, you can use yogurt alone or add in some other natural ingredients, from essential oils to apple cider vinegar. Apply the yogurt mask to your face and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. Rinse well with cool water and pat dry. This is not something you do every day, but rather once or twice a week to be effective.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is starting to trend a lot in natural health circles because of the long list of benefits it has. It is acidic, but it isn’t bad for your skin. Quite the opposite actually. Apple cider vinegar can help to balance the pH level of your skin, while also providing antibacterial properties. This helps to cleanse your pores and eventually shrink them. You want to mix apple cider vinegar with water, using one part of each for the proper ratio. Apply it to your skin with a cotton ball like you would a skin tonic, leaving it for a few minutes. Rinse it off with cool water. Make sure you apply a moisturizer afterward.

How do you take care of lagre pores?

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