How to Use Your Air Fryer For Healthy Meals

How to Use Your Air Fryer For Healthy Meals

Tips for How to Cook Healthy Meals inYour Air Fryer

Whether you already have an Air Fryer or are still thinking about investing in one, there are so many ways to use an Air Fryer to keep things exciting in the kitchen.  After all, it allows you to make the fried foods you love with much less fat and calories. But aside from the healthier “fried food” option, there are endless ways to use it for healthy options.

So, how can you cook healthy meals in your air fryer?  Here are a few tips for using it beyond making fried foods.

Roast your veggies

Sheet pan veggies are always a hit at dinner. The problem is that they can take a while to bake up. If you don’t have time, don’t make excuses. Just pull out the air fryer. You can do this with any vegetable you choose from brussels sprouts to broccoli and everything in between. Just cut them into bite-sized bits, toss to coat with a little olive oil, and then drop them in the basket of your air fryer. A good rule of thumb is about 375F for 20 minutes. You can even do this while they’re still frozen! Don’t overcrowd the basket and shake it every 5 to 7 minutes, so they all brown nicely.

Make fish

Fish is a healthy choice but doesn’t need to be coated in batter to be delicious. Coat your fresh fish fillets with plant-based butter and lemon juice and then cook them at 375F for around 8 minutes for perfectly cooked fish.

Turn chickpeas into a crispy, crunchy snack

For many people, eating healthy is hardest when it comes to snacks. You can fix that by making your own crispy chickpeas in your Air Fryer! They make great snacks or even can top your salad for a bit of texture. Simply drain a can of them and mix with a little drizzle of oil, sea salt, and pepper. You’ll want to use 400F and toss the basket every 5 to 10 minutes until all of the chickpeas are nice and crisp. Play around with seasonings like curry or cumin once you get the hang of it.

Get baked potatoes in no time

Why keep making fries in the air fryer when you can make baked potatoes? Poke a few holes in your potatoes, and air fry them for about 40 minutes. They come out amazing and take less time than the oven.

Go for tofu

Looking for a delicious way to make tofu? Cube up a block of extra-firm and then mix the cubes with avocado oil and pepper. It takes just 15 to 20 minutes to cook in the Air Fryer. Just be careful when you shake it, or it could fall apart. Once finished, add low sodium soy sauce and fresh shaved ginger. Don’t forget the sesame seeds for garnish!

With these tips, you can do so much more with your air fryer. It’s not just about healthier fried versions of food, but fast ways to healthier foods that makes the air fryer a gem in any kitchen!

I’d love to hear if you also have an air fryer and what your favorite recipe is.

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Surprise! Eating Healthy is Less Expensive Than You Think!

Surprise! Eating Healthy is Less Expensive Than You Think!

 Debunking The “Healthy Food Is More Expensive” Myth

There are countless reasons I hear for not eating healthy foods — a hectic day at work, no time to shop at the supermarket, not sure how to cook healthier meals, or even not being able to afford healthy food options. These are real concerns, and with a few tweaks and understanding, you can soon realize these are quite easy to fix. And best of all — healthy food does NOT have to be more expensive.  Most of the time, it’s actually the least costly option.

The US Department of Agriculture even took it to heart to show those on a budget how making healthier choices with food is not more expensive. In the study, things like carrots and pinto beans are much less expensive per portion that things like ice cream and sweet rolls.

Foods that are high in protein, saturated fat, added sugars, and sodium all clocked in as being more expensive than vegetables, fruit, and grains. So that myth about healthier foods being too expensive is now officially busted.  Great news, right?

If you’ve been making these same justifications, there is no better time than right now to explore healthier options at your supermarket. No time? Order it online. Even if you can’t afford a delivery service, many supermarkets offer the chance to simply pick it up at your convenience at no additional charge.

Plus, it may even help you avoid impulse purchases for junk food. Let’s face it…it’s tasty, but it’s not healthy. Need some help eating better on a budget? Follow these tips!

Budget for meat and fish

Lean meats and fish will always fetch the larger cost in your cart. Look for sales to stock up and freeze it for later use, or factor in mostly meat-free meals for the week and only splurge 2-3 x a week on fish or organic lean meats.

Choose beans and legumes

For protein without going over budget, choose beans and legumes instead. You can make plenty of tasty meatless meals which are even better for your overall health. Buy the dry kind to avoid excess sodium and to save even more.

Buy fresh, local, and seasonal

If you really want to save money, buy what’s fresh, in season, and local. There are so many super-foods out there, but the best way to nourish your overall health on a budget is to make use of the bounty of freshness around you. As long as you’re eating more fruits and vegetables, you’re improving your health and reducing your risk for expensive long-term illnesses.

Buy frozen or canned to round out your meals

Whether you’re too far from the store or have a tight budget, stock up on frozen or canned vegetables. Frozen is ideal since they lock in all the vital nutrients, but either one can be used in tasty soups, stews, and for side dishes that come together in just minutes when you’re in a pinch.

Once you leave the excuses behind and start making your own healthy meals, you’ll start seeing those savings. And with those savings and better health, you might just be ready for an epic vacation when summer rolls around!

Thrive Through The Holidays With These Tips

Thrive Through The Holidays With These Tips

Thrive Through The Holidays With These Tips

 Even if you love the holidays and await them all year long — we can all agree there’s a significant uptick in stress during this season.  Your schedule is bombarded with visits from family and friends, work events, social events, and family outings, to name a few.  Traffic is more hectic than usual, stores are packed, and it can be quite simple to let it send you into overwhelm.  The most wonderful time of the year comes with a price that goes beyond the extra calories and frantic holiday shopping.

 –  Let this year be different  

Putting a focus on lowering stress can help you enjoy the season without the added pressure. Taking a natural approach to stress through the ancient tradition of Ayurveda might hold the key for surviving the holiday season this year and beyond. Here are some ways to make it through to the New Year with naturally-effective stress-busting solutions.

  – Try drinking hot water

 In Ayurvedic practices, hot water is recommended for digestive health. We need to pay a little extra attention to our digestive system with all the holiday meals going around. Whether you have hot water or tea, doing so 30 minutes to one hour after eating helps you balance out your indulgences.

 – Choose warming spices

 Maybe that slice of pumpkin pie full of nutmeg and cinnamon isn’t such a bad idea. As it turns out, eating more warming spices like those plus cloves, ginger, cardamom, and turmeric help in keeping balanced. They’re great for restoring a good mood and can help your joint pains feel better too.

 – Focus on your blessings rather than nitpicking over calories

 Should you eat enough calories for one week in one day? Probably not, but focusing more on the gratitude of being present with those you love is more important.  With great conversations over your meal, focus on those words, and savor every bite. By eating slowly and treasuring the meal, you’ll naturally feel fuller and won’t have room to overdo it. And you won’t spoil the moment by obsessing over calories.

– Practice self-care with Ayurvedic massage

Using warm essential oils to give yourself a 10-minute massage will help balance your Vata. In winter, it’s especially important to do to keep the body balanced. Traditionally, this type of massage is practiced in the morning before bathing. Starting the day off with a massage sounds like a great way to bust stress, doesn’t it?

 – Get the golden ticket to better sleep

With all the holiday excitement, you might find it hard to sleep yourself. Try warming a cup of almond milk and adding a pinch of cardamom and turmeric. Drink this before bed and sleep should be deeply refreshing.

 – Take time for yoga

Yoga opens up our pathways and complements Ayurvedic practices all in one. The best way to get rid of stress and keep health flowing through you is to have harmony in the mind and body. Put yoga classes on your gift wish list, or better yet, make it the gift you give yourself.

 By turning the focus to natural ways of busting stress during the holidays, it will free up your mind to truly enjoy the season for all its many blessings!

 What is your best tip for the Holidays?




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Canned, Fresh, or Frozen Veggies – Which Is Best?

Canned, Fresh, or Frozen Veggies – Which Is Best?

Canned, Fresh, or Frozen Veggies – Which Is Best?

You already know that eating vegetables is essential for your health, but which section of the store do you get them from? Vegetables come fresh, frozen, and canned, and many people wonder what the difference is between them. After all, aren’t they all vegetables?

 Here’s what you should know about each.

 Canned Vegetables

Canned vegetables tend to be more processed. While these are handy to keep around, especially during the seasons of the year where storms can keep you in the dark, they can lack in nutrition over the other fresh or frozen choices. They also tend to have gobs more sodium than fresh and frozen varieties. With canned vegetables, try to find options without added sodium to make a healthier choice, if you choose canned vegetables.

 Fresh Vegetables

Fresh veggies are indeed a prime choice, but not always — they can lose a lot of their nutrients before they’re consumed. Sometimes it takes up to two weeks for them to get to your table from the time they’re picked. In this time frame, they can lose up to 50% of their nutrients.

 To keep their nutrient powers intact, cook them for shorter times and at lower temperatures. Make sure you use very little water to keep vitamin C and B vitamins from disappearing too. Steaming is a much better option than boiling, though if you must boil your veggies, add them after the water begins to boil.

 One of the best ways to get the most nutrients from your fresh vegetables though is buying them locally and while they’re in season. Make use of the freshest vegetables available to you for the best taste and most nutrition.

 Frozen Vegetables

Interestingly, frozen veggies tend to retain the highest proportion of nutrients. They’re usually frozen right after harvesting to keep them fresh. But beware, they may be processed with additives like extra salt or sauces. Always read the labels to see what you’re getting, and look for brands that keep things as natural as possible.

 You can freeze your fresh vegetables from the farmers market, too. This will ensure nothing goes to waste and that you can enjoy them without losing vital nutrients.

 When it comes to vegetables, the bottom line is that getting them onto your plate is most important. If canned is the only option you have in your house while making dinner, it’s better to eat it than to skip a serving of vegetables.

 In my house, we tend to use fresh vegetables most often, but we always have some frozen and canned as backup :). 

 So, do you reach for the canned, fresh, or frozen veggies?

Hit reply and let me know what it’s like in your house.


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Changing Those Emotional Eating Habits

Changing Those Emotional Eating Habits

Using food to improve your feelings is what falls under emotional eating territory — for example, turning to a pint of ice cream, a large pizza, or some other food indulgence after a rough day.  Emotional eating is something we all face at some point or another, so it’s time to ditch the guilt and figure out what’s underlying. 

Don't be mistaken that treating yourself every once in awhile means there's a deeper issue - this is normal behavior.  On the other hand, using food to quell unhappy feelings or to fill a void is where the problem lies.  Doing so may cause a momentary sense of relief, but it always brings more negative emotions than good.  The guilt and shame send us down a spiral, which can then in turn cause more emotional eating.

If this has been happening to you often, it’s time to dig a little deeper and see what's going on underneath the surface and find new tools to defeat the habit. 

Let's touch on some ways you can create new patterns without guilt...

1. Feel your feelings

Staying with your feelings, no matter how uncomfortable, is essential for battling emotional eating.  It's okay to feel your feelings, embracing them instead of making the decision to avoid them.  The sooner you acknowledge those feelings, the sooner they will disappear. Write about them in a journal and release.  Talk them through with a friend or loved one.  Reserve your tasty treats for your chosen special days, not when your emotions are driving you to them.

2. Savor the moment

Look for the moments in your life where there are light-heartedness and happiness. The clouds in the sky, the way the sun feels on your face, a relaxing bubble bath…these are all things to savor. Do it with your food too and eat mindfully. Enjoy that slice of veggie pizza, but take each bite with thoughtfulness to honestly eat for enjoyment and not to snuff out feelings.

3. Don’t eat unless you’re hungry

Make sure you’re hungry before you eat. If you aren’t sure, have a glass of water first.  Wait 10 minutes after drinking it, and if you still feel hungry, now's the perfect time to reach for a bite to eat. Exercise healthy eating 80% of the time and when you mindfully and moderately indulge, it will have less of an impact.  Balance is everything, and I live by this myself, too.

4. Know your triggers

Keeping a journal will help you see what triggers set you off for emotional eating. When you identify the cause of what makes you head for the fridge, then you can stop those triggers in their tracks.

5. Keep healthy in your control

Stock your fridge with delicious yet nutritious foods so that the temptation isn't there.  Carrot sticks with hummus is a satisfying snack that takes little to no effort to prepare. When you make healthier choices all around, it’s easier to control your emotional eating.

8 Plants and Essential Oils that Clean the Air

8 Plants and Essential Oils that Clean the Air

Breathing is a part of life that's of utmost importance, but something we rarely spend much time thinking about - our bodies naturally take care of this task for us without any thought.  There's nothing sweeter than taking a deep breath of fresh mountain air, or breathing in the salty air as you look out over the ocean.  But how often do you consider the air you breathe day in and day out in your living space? 

There are many simple things you can do to assure the air in your home stays as pure as possible, and my favorite ways to do this are using plants and essential oils.  These, together and separate, can remove toxins that you don't see, clean the air in your home, and add an ambiance all the while.  Breathe new life into your home by using these plants and essential oils to purify your living space.

1.  Aloe Vera

Not only is it a great plant to keep around for relieving burns, but it’s also amazing for drawing formaldehyde from the air. Plus, in small spaces, just one will work wonders.

2.  Lemon Essential Oil

This oil purifies the air plus it has a very uplifting impact on you. Try diffusing some in the morning as you get ready for work.

3.  Fern

Ferns are perfect for your bathroom space because they’re happiest in humidity. While they’re there, they will take all the xylene from the area for a cleaner and healthier you.

4.  Eucalyptus Essential Oil

There’s a reason you smell this essential oil in spas everywhere. It purifies the air to keep it fresh plus it is an ideal natural decongestant. Use it in the chillier months or when allergies strike to clear the air and your sinuses too.

5.  Spider Plant

If you’ve avoided keeping plants around the home because you’re not good at keeping them alive, then this plant is a good choice. It doesn’t need watering very often and is fantastic for absorbing any chemicals released into your air.

6. Tea Tree Essential Oil

This air-purifying oil is one of the best since it fights away mold. Mold can lurk behind walls and may not be visible to you while still causing irreparable harm to your health. Tea tree essential oil can assist with keeping this from happening.

7.  Chrysanthemums

According to NASA, this is the best natural air purifier you can keep in your home. It destroys those air pollutants, keeping your home’s air clean and fresh.

8.  Snake Plant

If you have a space in your home that doesn’t get much sunlight, you’ll like this plant. It’s as easy to care for as the spider plant too.

For the best clean air in your home, try incorporating both plants and essential oils. You can diffuse the oils, or you can spray them around your house daily. Unless you have a considerable space, one plant should do the trick in each room. See how much better you feel when you purify your air naturally!

How do you clean your air at home or in the office?

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