Healthier Breakfast Alternatives to Cereal

Healthier Breakfast Alternatives to Cereal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But did you know that despite cereal flooding the shelves at your supermarket, cereal isn’t as healthy as marketing makes it out to be? Unless you are eating good quality muesli each morning with some fruit, then cereal is not going to be giving you the nutrition you need to set your day off on the right foot. I’ve compiled a list of easy, fast and healthy breakfast ideas that don’t include the cereal box so that your next breakfast can be a nutritious one.


Smoothies are very healthy for you, but it can be tricky to make sure they fill you up until your next meal. Try adding some dry oats, nut butters, or avocado for more protein and belly filling power! You can actually make these the night before by putting the ingredients into a bag or container and store in the fridge. When you wake, add it all to the blender, pour into a glass and off you go! 

Breakfast Quesadillas

This only takes a few minutes in the skillet to cook and is great for using leftovers. Cut up some greens, beans, roasted potatoes, leftover meats, anything you’ve got will work. Grab a wholewheat wrap add your ingredients to half and fold over while cooking. The best part is that it’s super healthy for you!

Biscuits or Muffins

These are pretty great because you can add in all sorts of things to make them even more healthy and tasty. You could use mashed banana instead of sugar or raw cacao instead of chocolate chips. Some of the things I like to add in are nuts, seeds, and fruits like blue berries. 


Muesli is great for the summer time when it’s too hot for things like a hot bowl of oatmeal. Raw oats, fruit, and nuts are very filling and can be soaked in nut milk overnight to make a cold breakfast that’s ready to help you beat the heat of the summer’s day. 

Breakfast Bar

You need to be very careful with pre made bars. Some of these bars say they are healthy when they are really packed full of sugar. I like to make my own instead so that I can make sure I am eating only the healthiest ingredients. So, instead of adding sugar, try adding some nuts, oats, mashed banana or dried fruit. Those ingredients will guarantee it tastes great and be healthy for you too!

Baked Oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal is really great for grabbing on the go. If you make it on Sunday night, you can pack into a little container and it will be great for breakfast all week long! You can eat it cold or hot that will take just seconds to make. You can also add in some fruits, nuts, and even chocolate for different flavors.

Mini Frittatas

These are basically mini omelets that are baked in a muffin tray. You can eat them hot or cold, depending on your mood. You can also add in other healthy foods like vegetables, cheese, or meats. Simply whisk some eggs, add a dash of milk or water, chopped veggies and bake for 10-15mins. Easy right? 

Eggs and Veggie Soldiers

These are soft boiled or poached eggs with vegetable sticks as soldiers. They are an amazing and healthy meal that’s also easy and fast to make.

Surprise’ Plate

Like the Breakfast quesadillas, these are great for using leftovers. You can add in fruits, veggies, meat, cheese, olives, dried fruit, and/or nuts to make whatever surprise you’d like to see on your plate in the morning. Think of it like a snacks plate or nibbles platter where you can have a mini buffet of food on your plate.

Now, that you have some great new ideas for eating healthy at breakfast time, there is no reason to skip the most important meal of the day. Whether you are in a rush or have plenty of time to cook up a hearty meal, you’ve got plenty of healthy options to choose from that will make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs to make it through the day.

Super-Power Snacks

Super-Power Snacks

Imagine you can choose between two snacks. Both are crunchy and tasty. One of them will make you stronger, happier and fuel your brain power. The other will make you weaker, slower and more reduce your immunity.

Which Snack Would You Choose?

Store-bought and packaged snacks, chips, crisps, cookies and candy are snacks that sap your power despite our thinking they boost energy with a “sugar high”. It can be hard not to choose them. They are fun, and hit the taste sensors! But they are often full of sugar and chemicals that cause havoc in your body and destroy your health.

The good news is that snacks can be fun and tasty too while still being healthy. Even better, they are full of vitamins and other great things you need for a strong body and mind that ages gracefully.

Fun Fruit

Fruit is a the ideal snack. Firstly, it tastes great! Also, there are so many different fruits to choose from: Apples, grapes, cantaloupe, raspberries… There are even fruits you’ve probably never heard of or tried, like star fruit, durian and jackfruit.

When you eat fruit for a snack, you can count on it giving you energy. This is because fruit is made of natural sugars. Natural sugar isn’t like the chemically laden bad sugar that can give you cavities. Fruit’s sugar is like nature’s energy reserve created specifically for your body.

Fruit is also full of vitamins such as:

  • Vitamin C (boosts your immunity)
  • Vitamin A (increases eyesight and skin health)

If you aren’t crazy about the fruit you’ve tasted so far, head to the farmers market and try some new fruit that is in season.

Victory Veggies

Veggies can be hard to love because on their own they can seem bland and tasteless. But did you know that there are more than 400 different kinds of vegetables? Surely you can find a handful you like in all of those!

Veggies are the goldmine for nutrition and make for some pretty delicious snacks. Here are a couple of good things veggies have plenty of.

  • Protein is what your body is made of—your muscles and your hair. You need it to grow. And you can get it by eating veggies, like beans and broccoli.
  • Fiber keeps everything inside your digestion in check and your body working like it should. It also helps you to feel full. Veggies are chock full of it.

Did you know you can make fries with sweet potato?

Here’s a recipe you might want to try.

Sweet Potato Chips

  • 1 large sweet potato (yam)
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C). Wash the sweet potato slice it as thinly as possible. Try to keep all your slices the same thickness so they’ll bake evenly. Soak them in water for about 10 minutes.

Pat your slices dry and put them in a bowl with the olive oil. Toss them with a fork until they’re coated.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and put a cooling rack on top of it. Lay your sweet potato slices on the cooling rack and sprinkle them with salt. Put the whole tray in the oven.

Bake for 40 minutes to an hour until the chips curl up a bit and just turn brown a little. Enjoy!
You can also use:  winter pine, eggplant or red beetroot (raw) separate or all together

So, the next time you need a snack, remember to reach for something that doesn’t come from a packet and see how you feel after eating it!

What fruit or vegetable are you reaching for today? I would love to know!

5 easy recipes with wraps

5 easy recipes with wraps

When you are looking to bring a sandwich type of food on your picnic, you might decide that sandwiches are a little messier and you want to think outside the box. Another great option is to go with a wrap. These typically use spinach or whole wheat tortillas which are often healthier than bread, and really help to make a filling wrap with stuff that isn’t falling out while you sit outside to eat it.

Chicken Caesar Wrap

One of the most important types of wraps is a chicken Caesar wrap. This is simply a chicken Caesar salad but placed in a tortilla all wrapped up, usually without the croutons. This can also be turned into a low-carb wrap by wrapping it all up in lettuce instead of a tortilla. The basic ingredients include pieces of cooked chicken, a little bit of cheese, lettuce, and some Caesar dressing. You can also load it up with any other veggies you want to include.

Low-Carb Lettuce Wrap

Another way to go low-carb with the wrap is to use any meats, veggies, and cheeses you want on the inside of a large lettuce leaf. Multiple pieces of iceberg lettuce and romaine lettuce work well for wraps. On the inside, fill it up with any meats and cheeses you want, with a little bit of veggies. Some of the low-carb veggies typically allowed include greens, bell peppers, tomatoes and onions in moderation, mushrooms, and broccoli.

Veggies and Hummus

Another way to go with your wrap is also a vegetarian option. You can use your preferred tortilla for the wrap, then add some hummus on the inside, followed by your favorite veggies. The great thing about this type of wrap is that it is very low in fat and calories, carb-friendly depending on the veggies you use, and is great for vegetarians and vegans. For the tortilla, consider a healthier option like a whole wheat tortilla or a spinach wrap.

BLT Wrap

If you enjoy BLTs, you can make it a little lighter by adding these ingredients to a wrap inside. There will be quite a bit of lettuce in the tortilla, really adding more nutrients and helping to fill you up. You can then add some sliced tomatoes, along with your bacon. To lighten it up even more, consider using turkey bacon instead of full-fat bacon. You can add mayonnaise to it if you want, or just keep it lighter by not using that at all.

How often do you eat wraps? Do you have any other easy and delicious recipes to add? Tell me in the comments!

Health Benefits of Coconut

Health Benefits of Coconut

Coconut is often revered as an all-encompassing health and beauty cure. It helps in so many different ways, from your hair and skin, to helping with digestion, weight loss, and even heart disease. Here are some of the top health benefits to be aware of when you introduce more of this summery food in your diet.

Coconut helps improve your digestion

If you have been struggling with a lot of digestive issues, then you should definitely consider adding in more coconut to your diet. Most forms of this food are going to help you with your digestive problems, including coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help with bowel disorders, digestive disorders, and help your body to absorb more nutrients. It can also help you to absorb more dietary fiber, which is needed when you have digestive issues.

Your hair and skin will thank you

Health benefits aren’t just related to your physical health, but your outer health as well. You will notice that your hair, skin, and nails are all improved when you start introducing more coconut into your diet. Proper hydration is key to having healthy hair and skin, so by drinking more coconut water, you are getting the hydration you need to feel great in your own skin. Drinking enough water is highly recommended on a daily basis. Introducing a little flavor to your water might make it more tempting to drink your daily amount of water more easily. And don’t forget some of the extra minerals and vitamins you consume.

It reduces your risk of heart disease

A health benefit that you should keep in mind is that coconut can help you reduce your risk for heart disease. While the oil does have a good amount of saturated fat, it actually does more good than harm to your body. You only need a small amount of oil at a time, which can actually help improve the good cholesterol in your body and reduce the bad cholesterol in your body. This is going to also lower your blood pressure levels, all of which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.

It helps you to lose weight

Coconut also happens to be fantastic at helping you to lose weight or avoid weight gain. When you add more of this food to your diet, it is going to burn more fat and help to raise your metabolism. It also gives you more energy, which helps you to stick with your regular workout routines. Eat some before and after your workout routine to make sure you get all the right benefits from this amazing food. You can also replace regular sugar with coconut palm sugar which is much better for you and tastes amazing. Can you imagine eating fresh strawberries with a little bit of this sweet sugar on top?

It feels just like summer when I eat some fresh coconut while sitting in my garden and listening to some relaxing music. I love all the health benefits but to be honest, the taste is enough for me to justify the fact that i eat lots of this amazing summery food. Do you enjoy coconut as much as I do? Please let me know in the comments below!

Superfoods For Anti-Aging Benefits

blueberry superfoods

As you grow older, you start to look towards anti-aging options in your daily life. These may consist of everything from makeup to essential oils as well as superfoods. If you are trying to change your diet plans and incorporate superfoods that help with anti-aging or offer advanced anti-aging benefits then there are a few you can consider. In fact, you may already be ingesting some of these foods now, and will find you only need to add more of these nutrient rich anti-aging superfoods. Here are a few to consider for your own anti-aging routine and issues.


When you think of anti-aging superfoods you may be looking for foods that focus on your body, either internally or externally. The truth is, aging also deals with your mind and memory as well. If you are concerned about your memory, and have noticed some issues lately, consider adding blueberries to your diet. You can do this in dried form, powder, in juices, as part of superfood bowls, or as part of a superfood fruit salad. You can even incorporate them into salad dressings. In addition to anthocyanins, that aid with memory, they also have anti-inflammatory attributes that can help aging muscles and joints.


The great thing about using avocados in your anti-aging superfood plan is the ease of which you can add them. One of the easiest ways to add avocado is to blend it to a cream form with a little bit of olive oil and then use it as a mayonnaise. This can also be done in salads as well as a replacement for many dressings. Avocados can be found year round in most areas. They work in anti-aging due to their monounsaturated fats, normally called good fats, that help absorb and keep other nutrients in your body for longer. This means they boost your other superfoods to their maximum benefits.

Leafy Greens

Kale is one of the most popular forms of leafy greens used in anti-aging superfood recipes. They contain phytonutrients which prevent free radical damage to the body. They also help reduce heart disease and the risk of heart disease, which is a huge concern for most people looking at assistance with anti-aging. You can easily add kale and other leafy greens into juices, smoothies, and as a simple daily salad as well.

I love the taste of blueberries in my smoothies and I enjoy eating avocado with my lunch. How do you combine these ingredients in your daily diet? Let me know in the comments!

How to Lose Weight With Superfoods


Lose weight with superfoods

Starting a weight loss journey, for anyone, can be difficult. You may be worried about dropping the weight, struggles you have had in the past, or if you can maintain the weight loss. One of the steps you may be considering is using superfoods to help boost your journey. If that is on your to-do list then there are some things you should know about using the superfoods to the highest potential. Here are a few of those tips.


Juicing is the leading way to lose weight with superfoods. This is due to the fact that you can cram a ton of superfood fruits, vegetables, or a mix of both into one juice. You can also add chia seeds, infused oils, or vitamin and supplement drops into the juice. The juice can be enjoyed easily and will help to not only get the nutrients and superfood benefits to your body easily, but will also fill you up. You aren’t ingesting empty calories, and best of all you are hydrating your body at the same time. Juicing will help up your hydration and your output of liquids so you are flushing your system.

Mix the Right Superfoods

The first thing you need to keep in mind before starting with superfoods is to do your research. Consider what your personal issues are and work from there. For example, if you are retaining water or have high level so inflammation, then go for superfoods that counteract that and help flush your system naturally. If you need more iron, rich for kale. If you are a vegetarian or vegan and need to boost certain minerals and nutrients, then you need to move to those specific superfoods. Just grabbing a handful of superfoods will help, but if you really want to drop the weight, you need to pick the ones that are designed for your weight loss plans and issues.

Space them Out

A key point to keep in mind when going on a superfood diet plan and weight loss journey is to space out your superfoods throughout the day. For example, if you get all your superfoods in during the morning juice or smoothie plan you have, you are likely to deplete them before dinner. This leaves you feeling tired and dragging without the benefits you need to get through the rest of the day. Instead space them out in each meal of your day and make sure you are getting a bit of what you need each time you are drinking or eating. This will help feed your body what it needs, cut down on cravings, and help you to remain full and energized throughout the day.

These are just a few of the ways you can use superfoods to help with your weight loss journey. Remember, you are wanting to keep the right balance of nutrients in your diet along with calories. Research your options and create a meal plan that does serve both uses for your individual weight loss journey and needs.

How often do you use superfoods? Let me know in the comments!

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