Easy Ways to Pack Veggies

Easy Ways to Pack Veggies

Vegetables are something everyone can enjoy on a picnic, whether you are cutting back on calories, carbs, fat, or you follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. There are many ways to bring veggies, from simply chopping up raw veggies and placing them in containers, to making salads and other veggie treats.

Make Veggie Skewers

Here is a fun and easy way to bring more veggies on your picnic. Veggies of course pack a powerful amount of nutrients, but they also help to keep you full even when you are trying to cut fat and calories. Plus, they are allowed on most diets, including Paleo and Keto. With veggie skewers, you can roast your veggies beforehand and place them on barbecue skewers, then easily pack in large plastic bags to be placed in your picnic basket. You can also choose to use raw veggies if you prefer.

Veggies and Ranch Cups

Speaking of raw vegetables, these are excellent when you need a quick snack on your picnic that is healthy and doesn’t require much prep work beforehand. If you know you won’t have time to cook the vegetables before your picnic, you can instead get some cups with airtight lids or jars and put a little ranch on the bottom, with cut-up veggies on top. Carrot sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, and snap peas work great. When you get to the picnic, just remove the lid and use the same container to dip them in ranch.

Cucumber Dill Salad

This is a cold salad that is vegetarian-friendly and even works for low-carb, low-fat, and low-calorie diets. While there are some different recipes for cucumber salad, it mainly consists of sliced cucumbers, sour cream, some seasonings, and a sprinkling of dill. You can make it lighter by using low-fat or fat-free sour cream, or just reducing how much sour cream you use. Toss it all together and put it in a mason jar or food container.

Veggie Wrap

The reason wraps are such a good idea for picnics is because you can fit more ingredients inside a tortilla without it falling apart, and it is easy to hold without needing a plate. There are whole wheat, spinach, and low-carb tortillas to choose from for wrapping it up, and you can really fill it with a lot of vegetables. Choose your favorite combination of vegetables for the wrap, and that’s really all you need to do for this one.

Do you like to bring veggies on the go? I love to make some at home and take them with me for the day. This way I know I’m getting my vegetables and I also have fun eating them. What more can I ask for?

Mother’s Day Paleo Recipes

Mother’s Day Paleo Recipes

Among the different holidays that occur in the Spring, Mother’s Day is often people’s favorite. You are able to enjoy this time with family, including moms and daughters, aunts, sisters, and grandmothers. If you want to make something special for your mom or another woman in your life, these recipes are not only impressive, but Paleo-friendly.

Red Velvet Mug Cake

Not only can you make a Paleo version of red velvet cake, but you can make it right in a mug! All of these ingredients are those that are allowed on the typical Paleo diet. It doesn’t even use any dairy products or refined sugar, just in case your version of Paleo restricts dairy. You can make it for yourself any time or make mug cakes for the special women in your life who are over for Mother’s Day. What you want to use for the mug cake is dairy-free chocolate chips, flax egg (or egg white if you use them), baking powder, almond flour, coconut flour, salt, granulated sweetener, dairy-free milk, and red food coloring. Mix it together and microwave it in a mug.

Bananas Foster

This is a popular breakfast that you might feel like you can’t have again while on a ‘diet’. But Paleo actually makes room for a lot of the classic recipes, just with some minor adjustments. While you will want to choose the portion sizes according to how much you’re making, some ingredients that go into a Paleo bananas foster include sliced bananas, ghee, coconut sugar, maple syrup, brandy or rum, and of course some cinnamon! You can make this indulgent breakfast for your mom, spouse, or other special lady in your life for Mother’s Day, and she won’t even realize it is Paleo-friendly.

Berry Spritzer

For the beverage on Mother’s Day, you can make a nice berry spritzer with strawberries or other berries that your mom enjoys. This only requires 3 simple ingredients, including mineral water, strawberries that have been hulled, and some high grade, organic maple syrup. Blend them all up in a blender, add the syrup, then pour into glasses. It is a sweet and pretty beverage you can serve for Mother’s Day brunch.

Keep in mind that cooking at home can be wonderful for the whole family. Mother’s Day is the busiest restaurant day of the year, so keep your mom from waiting hours for a table, and make her a delicious, healthy, Paleo meal.

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