The benefits of a Healthy Morning Routine

The benefits of a Healthy Morning Routine

Stress sucks! That’s something we all know. It can cause hair loss, acne, weight gain, weight loss and a host of other health problems. Put simply, it can make you feel crazy and overwhelmed at EVERYTHING! But, there is an easy way to combat stress with a Healthy Morning Routine.Healthy Morning Routines and organization are the best ways to deal with stress throughout the day. And what better time to start with a routine, then first thing in the morning! Setting the tone for the day starts the minute you open your eyes. If you aren’t careful, stress can rear it’s ugly little face into your sights before you can do anything about it.So just how do you combat stress first thing in the morning? Well. I’ll tell you:

Stop Hitting Snooze

If you’re one of those people that keep hitting the snooze button in an attempt to get more sleep, you’re probably not going to like what you’re about to read. When you press that snooze button over and over again, you are causing yourself to have less time to prepare for the day. That alone can cause some stress. If you’re like me and need five or six alarms timed to go off 15 minutes apart, try setting them a little earlier than when you actually need to wake up. This will allow you to be able to hit that snooze button (once or twice – not 10!) and still get up on time. Having to rush in the morning without a Healthy Morning Routine is a breeding ground for high stress levels throughout the day. That snooze button is just not worth it.

Don’t Constantly Check Your Phone

Constantly checking your phone, whether its social media or emails, can cause those stress levels to heighten. Checking your phone right after waking up overloads your brain causing stress by trying to wake up faster. Try not checking your phone until you’re on your way out or about to leave. It will allow your mind the time it needs to wake up on its own and do it calmly.


We often forget, but good quality breathing is so important. Learning to calm yourself through breathing exercises will help fight away the stress that hits in the form of panic attacks and anxiety attacks or plain old stress. Take in deep breaths while counting to five and then exhale counting to five. Doing this helps to gain control of the situation which alleviates the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed by everything going on around you. Doing this in the morning before you even get out of bed is a great way to prepare your mind for all the tasks you need to tackle.

Repeat An Affirmation

Saying kind things to yourself about yourself will definitely make you happy and keep those pesky stress levels at bay. And it can be anything that makes you feel positive like “I am grateful for my life”, “I begin my life today”, “I am kind”, or “I am beautiful”. It really just depends on you and what you need/want to hear. The moment you start to feel like you’re being flooded with too much and become overwhelmed, take a breath and repeat your affirmation. This will help calm you and also help keep you positive and motivated to get through the day.

Eat A Good Breakfast

We’ve all been told that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But there is science and plenty of studies that can prove it. In fact, A British study taken in 2012 found that people who ate breakfast reported feeling 89% less anxious in challenging situations later that day, and were able to deal with dilemmas 7% faster than on days they skipped their A.M. meal. So, make sure you not only eat breakfast, but that you eat a HEALTHY breakfast. Doing this will increase your brain function and reaction and allow you to focus more on the tasks you need to tackle each day.

Make A List for Productivity

Early on in the morning, try to focus on all your high-concentration tasks. This includes things like writing reports, seeing patients, managing finances or anything else that might require more focus and/or creativity. The best way to put those things in order of how much concentration they require is to make a list. After you complete one of the tasks, cross it off. Doing this will alleviate the feeling of being overwhelmed and flooded with tasks throughout your day. If you feel like you have a busy day tomorrow and need a good night of sleep, you can also make your list the night before. This way you can sleep without thinking you might forget something in the morning.If you are fighting stress each day or even every once in a while, you can decrease the amount of stress you feel just by sticking to a good healthy and quality morning routine.What does your morning routine look like?

Infused Detox Water Recipes

infused detox water

Infused detox water is an excellent way to detox your body, since you are only using all-natural ingredients, like fresh produce and herbs. It is a good way to drink more water as well, which is another simple way to detox your system. Take a look at some of these different infused detox water recipes I have written down for you.

Orange Tropical Infused Water

This first infused detox water recipe is fruity and gives you some tropical flavors as well. It is great for detoxing because the orange in the water is a wonderful antioxidant, while both orange and kiwi can help with cleansing the liver and kidneys. To make this infused water, you just need to add an orange that is peeled and sliced, 2 sliced kiwis also peeled, ice and water to a pitcher. The longer you can leave the fruit in the water to absorb the nutrients and flavors, the better it will be.

Fruit and Veggies Infused Water

Here is another infused detox water that also uses orange, but also some other fruits and veggies as well. You can even add some mint to it to get more flavor and nutrients. The basic infused water recipe calls for a cucumber, lemon, and orange. The quantities depend on the type of flavor you are going for and whether you are using a full pitcher, mason jar, or just a single-serving bottle to take with you. Remember you can also add sparkling water instead of just plain water if you want to give it a little kick.

Refreshing Strawberry Lime Infused Water

This is a very popular recipe that is perfect when you want to detox your body while also feeling refreshed. It is ideal for an early morning water since it really wakes you up and makes you energized for the day. It is also perfect in the spring and summer months when it is hot and you want a cool, refreshing drink. To make this infused water, add strawberries, cucumber slices, lime, and mint to a pitcher of water with ice on top.

Make Your Own Recipe

You can also great creative with your detox infused water. Most infused waters will have some type of detoxing properties. You can put together your own recipe by first adding in your chosen fruits, then adding an herb or two. You can also add some extras like honey or apple cider vinegar to increase the overall amount of nutrition and detoxifying benefits of the water.

Are you going to try out any of my recipes? Please let me know in the comments below:

The Benefits of a Natural Detox

Doing a Natural Detox means you are getting rid of all the toxins that are built up in your main organs, such as your stomach, kidneys, and liver. It is important to do if you have been following an unhealthy diet or simply to reset your body and get a healthy start. Consider some of these different benefits of doing a natural detox.

Your Stress is Improved

Something many people don’t realize is that the foods you eat and the health of your body can negatively impact your emotions. If you are constantly feeding your emotions with food, particularly bad food, then you are adding in lots of extra toxins and starting a bad emotional eating habit at the same time. You can kill two birds with one stone by switching to a healthier diet through detoxing. This cleanses the system and makes you feel better, which in turn can help reduce your stress and impact your mental health as a whole.

You Feel Better

In general, you feel better when you do a natural detox. Whether you are just replacing some bad foods with less processed ones, are on a strict 3-day juicing detox, or try a longer detox diet, it can really help you feel better. It helps with insomnia, gives you more energy, and makes it to where you don’t constantly feel ill or drained of energy. Detoxing actually makes a very positive impact on your body, which in turn makes you happier and healthier.

Your Hair and Skin Glows

While many people go on a detox for physical issues, they often forget about their hair and skin! Detoxing is wonderful for your skin and hair health. It can make you feel more youthful when you stop with all the processed foods and start eating more organically. You can also do a bath or beauty detox that further helps with your hair, skin, nails, and even your teeth. This is another great reason to try a detox every once in a while, giving your entire body a fresh start from head to toe.

It Helps With Your Digestion

If you have problems with your digestion, where you experience frequent bloating of the abdomen, passing gas, or constipation, then you will benefit from a detox. Digestion issues are actually a common sign of needing a detox, so it makes sense that this would be a top benefit as well. Stop taking Tums and Rolaids to help with digestion, and go on a detox instead.

Do you consider doing a natural detox? Please let me know in the comments below. If you want some more information, read me previously written article about the signs of needing a detox.

Signs of Needing a Detox

You may have heard about others doing a detox, but is it really something you need to participate in? It is possible that your body or mind has been giving you some subtle signs that it is time to cleanse your entire system, without realizing it. Here are some common signs of needing a detox.

Physical Signs

First of all, there are quite a few physical signs that can point toward needing a detox. When you have a lot of chemicals and toxins in your body, such as in your kidneys and liver, your body reacts with a number of different issues. These can often be linked to those toxins, which means you will feel better after detoxifying with healthier options. Some physical signs of needing a detox include having frequent headaches, bloating or digestion problems, persistent sinus problems, skin irritation, muscle aches, and even menstrual cycle issues.


Some mental health disorders can also be signs of needing a detox. If you have been experiencing worsening episodes of depression, or you suddenly feel depressed even though it is quite rare for you, it may be due to the health of your body, not just your mind. It is a good idea to not ignore these signs, since cleaning your body with a detox can actually help clear your brain of negative toxins as well. You should also consult a doctor if you have worsening symptoms of depression.


Have you been having trouble sleeping, with either falling asleep or staying asleep? If so, it might not be completely due to your mattress or not having a good bedtime ritual. Another possibility is that there are a lot of built up toxins in your body, which is keeping your body from resting probably for sleep. Insomnia is not something to take lightly, or just to take medication to help solve. You should also try doing a healthy detox and see if it helps you get better sleep.

Other Signs of Needing a Detox

There are also lots of other symptoms that could point to needing a detox. For example, you might be having mood swings and extreme irritability, which is related to the toxins in your body. You may have more cravings especially to sugar, or have increased blood sugar. More belly fat, fluid retention, and stomach bloating are also common signs of needing a detox.

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